Syratron - India's premier hi-tech electronics Sales Representative company - Aerospace & Space - Automotive - Energy Metering, AMR, Prepaid Metering - GSM, GPRS, GPS Tracking, Telematics, Time Synchronisation- Home Automation & Security- Passive Electronic Components- RF & Microwave- Telecom, Networking, Ethernet and Data Communication


Syratron is India's premier hi-tech electronics solutions provider in High rel. Electronic, Communication, RF & MW Components and Sub systems. Syratron represents American, European, South African, and South East Asian manufacturers in the focus areas of Aerospace, Communication, Satellite Communication, Medical, Automotive, Energy Measurement and Industrial Electronics.

Syratron established its presence in the Indian Electronics market in 1984. Syratron follows a proactive, futuristic and process driven approach to business that anticipates customer's needs.

Syratron understands the multiple levels of marketing required to promote any concept or product in India. Syratron team members bridge the cross-cultural differences between our international principals and Indian customers.

Syratron offers Indian customers an avenue to explore, identify and source high quality, cutting edge technologies and products from different parts of the world for development and production programs.


Syratron has over more than 30 years of successful track record of bringing cutting edge electronic component and sub-systems and technologies to India since it was established in 1984.

Syratron's technical demand creation, business development and sales teams have in excess of 500+ man-years of experience in designing in and marketing high technology products in India.

Syratron is spearheaded by a 38+ strong team of techno-marketing engineers, field application engineers and inside sales representatives who bring you over 500+ man-years of rich experience, expertise and contacts.

Syratron offers comprehensive access to the Indian high tech market together with a wealth of experience, business strategies, market information and data at no fixed costs. Services include:

  • Advisory and market research
  • Demand creation and fulfillment support as a manufacturer's representative
  • Direct fulfillment support via value added reselling or distribution, in local currency or foreign exchange
  • After sales support, first and second level warranty support, preventive maintenance and annual maintenance of equipment supplied in India.


Headquartered in Bangalore, Syratron's team of Sales Engineers, Field Application Engineers, Sales Support, Logistics Support, Maintenance Engineering teams are spread over 6 locations in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and New Delhi. Syratron's international distribution services are provided by its Singapore office.

Syratron's Mission

Syratron's mission is to bring world class electronic products and technologies to our customers in India. By doing so, we increase market share for our principals while maintaining total transparency between the buyer and the seller.

Business Focus

Focus on Electronic, RF & Microwave components and rapidly expanding into sub-systems and solutions.

Why Us

  • A trained and experienced team of professionals building business for you in India,with no fixed costs.   

  • Ground level support and market information to provide guidance in formulating appropriate strategies.

  • Support in all aspects of the transaction from demand creation, reselling and distribution.

  • Total transparency in all business dealings